Shipping Terms

Shipping methods

  • Domestic delivery (Austria) and all other countries with Austrian post.
  • Pickup by appointment

Shipping costs

Domestic deliveries:

Weight-dependent shipping costs according to the “Domestic parcel rates” of the Austrian post.

Deliveries abroad:

Weight-dependent shipping costs according to the “Rates for international parcels” of the Austrian post.

The shipping costs can also be displayed in the shopping cart via the button “Calculate shipping costs” as soon as it contains products.

Delivery time

The dispatch takes place within 2-4 working days after conclusion of the contract (after receipt of payment). The transit time of the packages is 2 working days for domestic shipments. For shipments abroad, see Country-specific information, international parcels.

Pick-up is usually possible after 1-2 working days – information on this will be sent by e-mail.